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Axle, CV Joint & Driveshaft Repair

Does your vehicle clunk or click while driving? You could have a problem with your CV Joint. If you’ve noticed vibrations as you accelerate or problems with turning and steering, you may have damage to your driveshaft. This damage can occur over time through regular use, and routine maintenance is required to ensure your vehicle’s performance and drivability.

CV Axle Inspection

Routine inspections allow us to identify potential problems before they lead to costly, invasive repairs. Our trained technicians can ensure your vehicle operates at its optimum level.

CV Axle Replacement

A worn or damaged CV Axle can damage surrounding components as well. Timely replacement is essential for protecting your vehicle and ensuring its performance.

CV Boot Replacement

CV Boots degrade with age, impairing their ability to protect the CV Joints. It is important to replace damaged CV boots before they lead to further damage.

CV Joint Replacement

Regular use can wear on CV Joints, impacting your vehicle’s operation. Worn or damaged CV Joints can cause further damage and more costly repairs.

Driveshaft Balance

A balanced driveshaft leads to smooth vehicle operation and safe driving conditions. An out-of-balance driveshaft can be extremely dangerous.

U Joint Replacement

Universal Joints, also known as U Joints, are essential for turning your vehicle’s wheels. Continuing to drive with worn or damaged U Joints can lead to more costly repairs down the road.

Yoke Replacement

Yokes can crack or snap completely under stress or be twisted by the transmission. Damaged yokes should be replaced immediately to ensure safe driving conditions.

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