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Four Wheel Drive System

Routine maintenance is essential to the performance of your four wheel drive vehicle. Excessive noise while switching gears, unusual vibrations and a dashboard warning light are all signs that it’s time for an inspection. Regular maintenance and repair is necessary to ensure a safe and operational vehicle.

Four Wheel Drive Inspection

Four wheel drive systems are great for sustaining traction on snow, ice and off-road terrains, but damage to any of the system’s components or wear over time can impede its performance. Routine inspections are key for maintaining the health of your four wheel drive system, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Hub Service

Locking hubs are an essential component of part-time four wheel drive vehicles, allowing you to switch between in and out of four wheel drive mode. They can be damaged over time, preventing you from disengaging four wheel drive. Our trained technicians have the skills you need to handle a minor hub repair or a full replacement.

Transfer Case Repair

Transfer cases are an integral part of a four wheel drive vehicle’s performance, so timely repair and lubrication replacement is critical. Grinding sounds and lubrication leaks are signs that your transfer case needs to be repaired or replaced.

Transfer Case Service

As an essential part of a four wheel drive vehicle’s operation, transfer cases should be serviced regularly to catch signs of damage before they become a problem. Our technicians have the knowledge to properly maintain and extend the life of your transfer case and four wheel drive system.

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