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Starting, Charging & Batteries

Slow-to-start engines and dim interior and exterior lighting are signs of a weak battery and problems with your vehicle’s starting and charging systems. These components are essential for an operational vehicle.

Alternator Replacement

Even with a healthy battery, your vehicle won’t be operational for long with a malfunctioning alternator. Whether you see a dashboard warning light or notice the alternator making noise, it’s critical to run diagnostics at the first sign of alternator trouble.

Battery Replacement

A functioning battery is essential to a vehicle’s operation. It is responsible for running essential systems like the charging and starting systems, so it is important to track your battery’s life and have it inspected at the first sign of trouble.

Starter Replacement

While there are many different types of starters, they have one thing in common: they all play an essential role in operating a vehicle. If your engine is inoperable, the starter clicks or the crank operates slowly, it could be time to replace the starter.

Starting & Charging System Check

This system is responsible for starting the engine, keeping it running and charging its various components. When any of these components become worn down or damaged, they can compromise the entire system. Regular system checks are important for your vehicle’s ongoing operation.

Battery Service Notes

Test Battery and Clean Terminals with every oil change. Discuss how battery is performing and if new one needed help recommend which battery is best. Offers AGM Battery (special battery for mid to upper range cars, a lot of modern cars have them – especially for vehicles with automatic start / stop and lots of electronics). All batteries come with 3 year manufacturer warranty. If car not starting and cant be driven but battery is suspected, customer can bring battery in for us to test but Grease Pro does not offer battery charging.

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