Off-Road Modification

Do your adventures end at the pavement? Neither do ours. That’s why our certified service team is fully-equipped with the knowledge and tools to modify your vehicle, ensuring safety and preparedness for living life wide-open. You’ve trusted us with keeping you on the road for 30 years, now let us show you how to get off the beaten path.

Four Wheel Drive System

Routine maintenance is essential to the performance of your four wheel drive vehicle. Excessive noise while switching gears, unusual vibrations and a dashboard warning light are all signs that it’s time for an inspection. Our team of experts are very experienced with four wheel drive system repair.

Axle, CV Joint & Driveshaft Repair

Does your vehicle clunk or click while driving? You could have a problem with your CV Joint. If you’ve noticed vibrations as you accelerate or problems with turning and steering, you may have damage to your driveshaft. Over time and normal use of your car, your axle, CV joint and driveshaft could require maintenance.

Differential Repair

Has your vehicle’s ride become shaky or jumpy? Have you noticed noise coming from the differential? These could be signs of poor lubrication or worn gears and bearings. Your differential is a valuable part of your car that you should let our qualified technicians repair.

Steering & Suspension System

Shaky or stiff steering and uneven tire wear are warning signs for steering and suspension problems. When you see these signs, ignoring them can lead to additional wear and damage with more costly repairs down the road. There’s no need to panic, your local Grease Pro is here to help your steering and suspension system.

Tire Services

Tires are a crucial component in your vehicle’s operation. While proper tire maintenance is easy, it can often be overlooked, leading to unsafe conditions and costly repairs. Don’t get caught with a flat, and let our professionals take care of your tires.

Wheel Alignment

Often overlooked, regular wheel alignment can save you money over the life of your vehicle and encourage optimal performance. Ignoring this routine maintenance can lead to uneven wear on your tires and suspension system.

Wheel Services

From improved steering and handling to an enhanced appearance, a new set of wheels can make your vehicle feel brand new. Proper mounting and balancing of new wheels is crucial to their performance and longevity. Visit your nearest Grease Pro and let us take care of your wheels.

GreasePro proudly serves Lynn Haven, Callaway, Panama City, Panama City Beach and Chipley areas. We offer the best services with trained industry professionals with years of experience who you can trust to install your all-terrain modifications. Visit one of our many convenient locations near you or schedule a service that works with your time on our website.

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