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Steering & Suspension System

Shaky or stiff steering and uneven tire wear are warning signs for steering and suspension problems. Ignoring them can lead to additional wear and damage, leading to more costly repairs down the road.

Ball Joint Replacement

While they are designed to experience wear and tear, regular maintenance of your vehicle’s ball joints will save you from unexpected damage and repairs. Clunking sounds, poor handling and pulling in the steering are all signs of bad ball joints.

Inner & Outer Tie Rod Replacement

Inner and outer tie rods enable you to steer and control the direction of your vehicle. A malfunctioning tie rod compromises your vehicle’s entire operation, so it’s important to replace them at the first sign of trouble.

Shocks Replacement

Shocks absorb the impact of road force and adverse driving conditions such as potholes, bumps and sudden maneuvers. Worn or damaged shocks can result in unsafe driving conditions by increasing your stopping distance by 10 feet.

Struts Replacement

Struts are an essential part of the suspension system, helping to stabilize your vehicle for a safe and comfortable ride. Replacing worn or damaged struts will improve your vehicle’s braking and handling.

Suspension Inspection

Your vehicle’s suspension system provides structural support to maintain safe and comfortable driving conditions. If any of this system’s components are worn or damaged, your vehicle will be harder to control, resulting in unsafe driving conditions.

Sway Bar Link Replacement

Sway bars help stabilize your vehicle during turns, and sway bar links connect them to your vehicle’s suspension system. Broken or worn out sway bar links can impair your vehicle’s maneuverability and put you and your passengers at risk.

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