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Ladies Day – $4 Off

Ladies Day every Tuesday & Thursday. Get $4 off the Deluxe Wash Package


*Offer cannot be applied to any wash package below the Deluxe Wash.

Missing that new car shine? Does your vehicle look a little worse for wear? With self serve stations, a state-of-the-art auto conveyor wash, and packages that include hand waxing and more, we make it easy to keep your car clean with a service available at every price point.

Car Wash Packages

Express Hand Wax can be added to any full service wash for $20!

Exterior & Express Washes

Self Serve Express

Soft-N-Foamy Wash

Free Self Serve Vacuums

Complimentary Microfiber Towels

Power Blow Dry

Self Serve Super Express

Triple Coat Wax Protection

Clear Coat Sealer

Soft-N-Foamy Wash

Free Self Serve Vacuums

Complimentary Microfiber Towels

Free Tire Shine

Power Blow Dry

Full Service Exterior

FREE Self Service Vacuum

Bug Removal

Triple Coat Wax Protection

Clear Coat Sealer

Hand Dried

Tire Shine Applied

Wheels Cleaned

Complimentary Microfiber Towels

Full Service Washes

Regular Wash

Includes the Exterior Wash plus:

Vacuum Interior

Windows Cleaned

Dash + Console Wipe Down

Super Wash

Includes the Regular Wash plus:

Triple Foam Wax

Clear Coat Sealer

Air Freshener

Tire Shine

Deluxe Wash

Includes the Super Wash plus:

Four Floor Mats Shampoo/ Rubber Mats cleaned

Silicone Hand Wax

Rain Guard Protection

Dash and Console Protection

Looking for Professional Auto Detailing Services?

Let Grease Pro make your vehicle shine again. Stop by our full service location in Lynn Haven for our friendly staff to take care of you.


Car Wash & Detailing

3130 Highway 77
Panama City, FL 32405
Phone: (850) 522-1004

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a self-service car wash?

Yes, we do! Grease Pro offers self-serve car wash options for those who prefer to take their time and handle their car’s cleaning personally. After riding through our car wash tunnel for a sparkling exterior, access our self-serve stations, which are equipped with everything you need for a thorough cleaning, including microfiber towels, air hoses for hard-to-reach places, vacuums, and mat cleaners. It’s the perfect choice for those who love a hands-on approach to keeping their car sparkling.

Do you have a drive-thru car wash?

Absolutely! For those looking for convenience, our automatic conveyor wash offers a quick and efficient cleaning experience. Just drive through and let our advanced system do all the work. It’s a great way to get your car clean without stepping out, available at our Lynn Haven location.

Do you have vacuums at your car wash?

Yes, we offer both a self-serve vacuum as well as a full-service option, meaning our team does the vacuuming for you. With the self-serve option, after a quick trip through our tunnel car wash, you can use our powerful vacuums to ensure your vehicle is spotless both inside and out. And don’t forget that we also offer complimentary microfiber towels for easy drying that’s gentle on your paint job. With the full-service option, you’ll select the package you’d like and our team will send your car through the carwash to be cleaned and refreshed while you relax in our comfortable indoor lobby or outside patio area.

How much is a car wash?

At Grease Pro, we offer a variety of car wash packages to fit every need and budget. Our Self Serve Express starts at just $10, including a Soft-N-Foamy Wash, free self-serve vacuums, and more. Prices for full-service car washes range from $40 for our Regular Wash up to $64.99 for our Ultimate Wash, which adds exclusive services like Ceramic Sealant for enhanced protection and shine. Whatever your car wash needs, we’ve got a package for you!

Do you have hand wash options?

We do offer a hand wash option! Whether your vehicle can’t fit through our tunnel wash due to size or aftermarket accessories or you just prefer a hand wash over a machine wash, we are happy to help. Don’t forget we also offer professional detailing services for the ultimate automotive refresh. Stop by our full-service location in Lynn Haven to experience our comprehensive car wash and detailing packages.

Do you have a car wash membership program?

Yes, we do! Grease Pro offers the GP Wash Club, designed for those who love keeping their car in top condition without the hassle. Our membership program allows you to enjoy unlimited washes for one low monthly payment, ensuring your vehicle stays clean and protected all year round. It’s a convenient and cost-effective solution for regular car care.

What is the best car wash soap?

Picking the right car wash soap is crucial for keeping your ride in top shape. Here at Grease Pro, we stick with high-quality, pH-balanced soaps that are tough on dirt but gentle on your car’s paint and finish. Using pH-balanced soap is important because it means the soap is formulated to maintain the integrity of your car’s protective layers, avoiding any harsh reactions that could damage the surface.

If you’re washing your car yourself, remember to choose soaps made specifically for automotive use. These soaps are crafted to lift away contaminants without stripping away wax or sealants. Always avoid household detergents – they’re too harsh for your car’s paint. Stick with products that treat your car as well as Grease Pro does, and you’ll see the difference in your car’s appearance and condition.

How often should you wash your car?

How often you wash your car really depends on where it goes and what it goes through. If it’s getting hit with a lot of dirt, leafy debris, or pesky bird droppings, aiming for a wash every two weeks is a smart move to keep it looking its best and protect the paint. Of course, if you’re driving in tough conditions often, you might want to wash a bit more often if you can. If you’re looking to keep your car in top shape but don’t have the time to commit to routine washes, our Ceramic Sealant wash might be for you. It’s like an extra layer of armor that helps offer longer-lasting protection and shine. This value-added upgrade is a great way to keep your car looking fresh with less effort.