Tire & Wheel Services

Our goal is to always keep your vehicle running it’s best (and looking it’s best too). Whether your TPMS or Four Wheel Drive System needs repair or you need regular wheel and tire maintenance, our certified technicians throughout Bay and Washington counties are ready to help! Don’t wait, schedule your service today.

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    Four Wheel Drive System

    Routine maintenance is essential to the performance of your four wheel drive vehicle. Excessive noise while switching gears, unusual vibrations and a dashboard warning light are all signs that it’s time for an inspection. Our team of experts are very experienced with four wheel drive system repair.

    Nitrogen Inflation

    Nitrogen is a safe alternative to traditional air in tires. Nitrogen inflation has many benefits including maintaining correct tire pressure and levels to maximize gas mileage, while reducing your environmental impact. Say goodbye to rotten tires and hello to longer lasting tires by letting our technicians help you today.

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

    Proper tire pressure is necessary for your vehicle’s healthy operation. Damage to your TPMS can lead to a drop in tire pressure, creating unsafe driving conditions and decreased performance.

    Tire Services

    Tires are a crucial component in your vehicle’s operation. While proper tire maintenance is easy, it can often be overlooked, leading to unsafe conditions and costly repairs. Don’t get caught with a flat, and let our professionals take care of your tires.

    Wheel Alignment

    Often overlooked, regular wheel alignment can save you money over the life of your vehicle and encourage optimal performance. Ignoring this routine maintenance can lead to uneven wear on your tires and suspension system.

    Wheel Services

    From improved steering and handling to an enhanced appearance, a new set of wheels can make your vehicle feel brand new. Proper mounting and balancing of new wheels is crucial to their performance and longevity. Visit your nearest Grease Pro and let us take care of your wheels.

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