Cooling System Pressure Test

What is a cooling system pressure test?

A cooling system pressure test is a way of testing the system to ensure there are no leaks and that everything is working and sealed as it should be. There are a few different ways to do this, but essentially pressure is manually added to the system, which allows for the detection of leaks and a determination of the cause of the problem.

You can attempt to find a coolant leak without a pressure tester by looking for light-colored stains around the radiator cap and hoses or by checking for signs of a coolant leak under the car. Identifying this without help from a coolant system pressure tester can be a good starting point to find apparent leaks, but it’s always a good idea to perform a coolant leak pressure test to ensure you have a properly pressurized cooling system.

vehicle leaking coolant on the garage floor

The Importance of pressure testing

Pressure testing is essential for ensuring your vehicle is running optimally. If leaks are present, this can lead to engine overheating, leaving you stranded waiting for a tow truck. If a leak goes undetected or ignored for some time and your vehicle continues to run with low or no coolant, serious issues like a blown head gasket can occur.

Finding and repairing a leak when it’s small is the best way to avoid extensive, costly repairs. If you’re unsure how to pressure test your cooling system, stop by any Grease Pro location today.

How to Pressure Test a Cooling System

When it comes to pressure testing your cooling system, there are multiple options available. Some people choose to use a DIY radiator pressure tester. You can often purchase or rent a coolant pressure test kit at your local auto parts store.

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Before doing anything with your cooling system, remember the following:
Never open the radiator while it’s hot. Always allow the engine to cool completely first. Opening a hot radiator will release hot steam and coolant that will likely spray out and burn you.

While you most certainly can perform a radiator test, radiator cap test, or engine pressure test yourself with a few tools, it is usually a better approach to take it straight to the auto repair shop you prefer.

You’ve done a coolant pressure test, and you can see that it’s leaking, but there are so many parts.
Where is the leak really coming from? How do you fix it?

At Grease Pro, our techs provide a level of knowledge and understanding about vehicles that allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose the issue. In addition to finding the source of the problem, they can repair or replace the faulty part for you.

That means you avoid tool rental fees, save time and energy, and likely save money when you can ensure the repair is done right the first time.

Grease Pro is your one-stop shop for diagnosis and repair.

Cooling System Repair

After using a coolant pressure tester to pressurize the cooling system and diagnose the issue, the team at Grease Pro will clearly communicate what the problem is and will work with you in forming the best plan of action to make the necessary corrections. Whether you have a faulty radiator cap, a hole in a hose, or even an overpressurized cooling system, our team will get your car running its best again and have you safely back on the road in no time.

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