Diesel Engine Repair

It takes a trained professional to diagnose and repair problems with a diesel engine. Regular maintenance can prevent emergency repairs, increasing the life of your diesel engine. Every diesel engine manufacturer has unique requirements for proper preventative maintenance, and we can help ensure your vehicle stays up-to-date.

Excessive Noise Diagnostic

While diesel engines are typically louder than gasoline engines, there are some noises that indicate trouble. If your diesel engine begins to clang, grind or rattle, an early diagnosis of the problem is essential for preventing further damage.

Excessive Smoke Diagnostic

There are a variety of engine problems that can lead to excessive smoke, from general wear and tear to fuel and oil problems. You need knowledgeable technicians to find the issue and get your vehicle back on the road.

Glow Plug Replacement

Worn or faulty glow plugs may cause ignition problems from idling to increased smoke emissions. Hard starting and misfiring are also signs that your glow plugs are in need of replacing.

Hard Starting and Drivability Diagnostic

Faulty glow plugs, a bad battery and dirty lubricants are just some of the engine issues that can lead to hard starting. You need a thorough diagnostic to find and repair your engine problems.

Turbocharger Repair

Is your turbocharger acting strange? If you notice a loud whining sound, excessive smoke or a decrease in power, it could be time for routine turbocharger maintenance.

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