How to Choose a Lift Kit

How to Choose a Lift Kit

Whether you’re an off road enthusiast who loves exploring rugged trails or a truck owner looking for higher ground clearance, having the right lift kit is paramount. But with so many types of kits and brands to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your vehicle. That’s why we’ve put together this guide – to help you make the right lift kit decision that will provide plenty of performance potential while also meeting all safety requirements. Read on to learn more about how to choose the perfect lift kit for your needs!

Types of lift kits – spacers, body and frame lifts, shackles

If you’re looking to customize your ride with some of the best lift kits out there, you’ve got a handful of options. Spacers, body and frame lifts, and shackles are all types of lift kits that can give your car or truck much needed ground clearance. Though they work in different ways, each of these types of lift kits can provide an excellent boost to your ride. Depending on the kind of look and feel you want for your car or truck, one type may be better than the other.

Difference between a body lift and suspension lift 

It’s almost a rite of passage to upgrade your vehicle with either body or suspension lifts, one of the most common modifications among car enthusiasts. But what are the key differences between body and suspension lift kits? Both body and suspension lifts move the body away from its standard location to give an increased ground clearance plus that show-stopping look. However, whereas body lift kits raise the body of the vehicle by increasing the spacing between components on its frame, suspension lifts increase ground clearance by altering the design of its suspension system. In addition, body lifts usually require less work when being installed whilst being more affordable than their counterparts; however, body lifted vehicles may still have handling issues as it does not change wheel diameters. Suspension lifts tend to be more beneficial in off-roading scenarios due to changes made to wheel travel as well as increasing gains in torque.

Why lift a truck? 

Lifting a truck can offer an exciting and unique look to your vehicle, setting it apart from the rest. Whether you lift it a few inches to gain a bit of extra clearance or lift it more, creating an off-road powerhouse – it’s sure to turn heads. Plus, when you choose the right lift kit, you can actually improve your vehicle’s performance by running larger tires, improving traction while off-roading.

Figuring out how much to lift a truck 

Figuring out how much to lift your truck should be left to the professionals. Too little and you don’t get the look or benefits of a raised suspension, too much and handling will suffer, tires may rub, and steering components may wear out faster. That’s why a professional should recommend a lift that will get you some good ground clearance with minimal loss of quality, making it the perfect strategic height for most pickup owners. The lift size should give you plenty of tire-to-ground gap for maneuverability in off-road situations without drastically affecting your on-road experience. So when asking yourself ‘should I lift my truck 4 or 6 inches?’ – let the professionals at Grease Pro help you decide!

Your next thought: where to lift my truck?

Finding a shop to lift your truck is easy with Grease Pro! If you have an idea of the type of look you’re going for, let us know and we can help narrow down your search and determine what the best lift kits would be. While it’s true that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to lifting your vehicle, it is recommended to choose one with premium quality parts if you want to ensure a safe and secure ride. 

So, you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of lift kits out there and unsure where to start? It can be intimidating, for sure. Let us help you out. To make sure your four-wheel drive dreams come true, you’ll want to research quality lift kits and shop around. And when it comes time to install, don’t take any chances: call the professionals at Grease Pro. We have just the right brands and types of lifts you need to get the most out of your truck while still abiding by state and local regulations. Plus, we provide modern safety solutions in conjunction with your lift kit installation. 

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