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Leveling Kits

What is the purpose of a Leveling Kit?

Depending upon your make and model of vehicle, leveling kits are a great choice when it comes to giving your vehicle slightly more room for larger tires and wheels. Professionally installed kits will give you more clearance in terms of looks but will not alter the driving characteristics or handling ability, making them an excellent low-cost option. All trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps come standard with a slight downward rake from the back to the front. When added to the suspension, a leveling kit is designed to help offset this rake by bringing the front to a more even stance.

Who needs a leveling kit?

A leveling kit is perfect for someone looking to raise the front of their vehicle for aesthetic reasons. They are also ideal for those seeking to increase tire size by a small amount.  If all you are looking for is a level stance, our technicians can add a couple of inches to the front of the vehicle with ease. You will have a level stance, smooth handling, and a quality ride.

What are the before & after impacts of a leveling kit?

Most of the trucks in the 80’s and 90’s were produced with a heavy sag in the back, meaning that then the frame of the vehicle could almost drag on the ground if you started to haul anything. From that point on, some companies began to compensate for this issue by placing the front end a little lower than the back. That way when hauling something, instead of having a heavy load raising the nose of the truck, it could level out the driving experience. When a leveling kit is installed, the hardware will raise the front of the truck to match the stock height of the back of the truck. The bottom line is that with a leveling kit, you will gain more ground clearance while maintaining original handling and driving characteristics.


Though the cost of a leveling kit is relatively reasonable, there are still some things to consider when deciding what is right for your vehicle. Depending on your vehicle, most kits provide a few inches of clearance in the front of the truck. Installing a leveling kit is an ideal option for you if you do not tow often or haul heavy loads. If you are looking for added height which is often desired, your best option would be to upgrade to a suspension lift rather than a leveling kit.

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