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Stretching everywhere from Lynn Haven, Callaway, Panama City, Panama City Beach and Chipley, we are this area’s leading automotive repair shops nearest to you. Our highly-qualified ASE certified technicians have the skills and know-how to maintain your car at the highest level. Our high standards and customer-first approach ensures every vehicle that leaves our care is performing its best.


Engine, Brake, Transmission Services:

Your engine, brakes, and transmission play a monumental role in keeping your vehicle safely on the road. Engine issues can range from faulty sensors to engine overheating and more. Engine overheating is caused by a faulty cooling system and driving your car while overheating can cause serious and sometimes permanent damage to your engine. If you’ve noticed the engine temperature gauge creeping up, it may be time for some cooling system repairs. Brakes are important for safely slowing down and bringing your vehicle to a stop. A brake service is likely needed if brakes are squealing, grinding or if shaking can be felt in the steering wheel when slowing down. Your transmission transfers power from your engine to the wheels of your vehicle and ensures that happens smoothly. If you experience hard shifting when increasing speed or experience a burning smell, these are signs it’s time for transmission service or replacement. No matter what the automotive issue, the team at Grease Pro Tire & Auto has the tools and know-how to get the job done.

Auto Diagnostic Service:

Your vehicle can monitor issues occurring internally and inform you through the Check Engine Light. Yes, that pesky light that you sometimes can’t seem to get rid of is actually a super helpful tool in understanding what’s going on behind the scenes. Typically, the Check Engine Light will appear as soon as a problem is detected which can aid in finding and fixing a problem before any serious damage has occurred. The Grease Pro Tire & Auto team is happy to run a Check Engine Light Scan to see what issues the vehicle is detecting and discuss these with you to decide the best plan of action. In addition, our highly trained mechanics are able to perform full Engine Diagnostic Services to find and resolve more serious and complicated vehicle issues. At Grease Pro Tire & Auto, our customers’ safety while on the road is of utmost importance to us, so if you’re experiencing something that doesn’t seem right with your vehicle or hear strange noises when starting or driving – turn to the pros at Grease Pro.

Other Automotive Repair Services:

Grease Pro aims to be your one-stop-shop for all things auto care and we are proud to offer a wide range of automotive services from preventative maintenance to full auto repair. Big automotive issues can happen at any time unannounced but are typically the result of a smaller issue being overlooked for a long period of time. Many people don’t realize that preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding huge costly repairs down the road. By having preventative maintenance performed on a regular basis, you’re greatly improving the performance and overall life of your vehicle. Preventative maintenance consists of basic services such as oil changes, air filter replacements, coolant levels checked, tire rotations, transmission fluid checked and replaced if needed, and battery checks as well as a few other preventative services. Grease Pro is a complete auto care center that is here to help with all of your automotive needs, big or small. Not sure whether your issue is something that can be solved by a preventative maintenance service or if you need a more serious repair? Call or stop by for our great team of techs to answer your questions!


10% Off Wheel Alignment

Driving a vehicle with improper wheel alignment can cause uneven wear on tires. Optimize gas mileage, road contact, and tire life by having a wheel alignment performed by the team at Grease Pro.

$10 Off A/C Service

Stay cool this summer by saving $10 on your A/C Service at Grease Pro. We carry 1234yf refrigerant!

Free Engine Diagnostic

If your “Check Engine” light is on, it’s important to run diagnostics as soon as possible. Our trained staff is able to quickly and accurately identify your engine’s problem to get you back on the road safely.

Free Tire Check

Make sure your car is safe from the ground up – our skilled technicians will ensure your tires are properly inflated and inspect your tires looking for signs of damage.

Due for a Service?

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    Axle, CV Joint & Driveshaft Repair

    Does your vehicle clunk or click while driving? You could have a problem with your CV Joint. If you’ve noticed vibrations as you accelerate or problems with turning and steering, you may have damage to your driveshaft. Over time and normal use of your car, your axle, CV joint and driveshaft could require maintenance.

    Belts & Hoses

    Belts and hoses are essential to your vehicle’s operation, and are responsible for many more functions than you realize. Regular use can break down your belts and hoses, leading to breakdowns and costly repairs. Let us help make sure your vehicle stays in good shape.

    Brake Repair

    If your brakes squeal or grind when in use, it may be time for a brake inspection. Ignoring these signs of wear and tear can lead to dangerous conditions and costly repairs. Our expert technicians are ready to evaluate the condition of your brakes and replace or repair them if necessary.

    Climate Control Systems

    As Floridians, we know how essential a well-functioning A/C system is. Following your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service schedule can help you avoid uncomfortable and expensive repairs. The area’s leading expert team is right around the corner to keep your A/C repaired and you comfortable and cool.

    Cooling System Repair

    Your vehicle’s cooling system is crucial to the engine’s health. Old antifreeze, damaged cooling fans and cracked fan belts can lead to overheating and even engine failure. A coolant leak can also be a very small problem that turns into a much larger and more expensive issue.

    Differential Repair

    Has your vehicle’s ride become shaky or jumpy? Have you noticed noise coming from the differential? These could be signs of poor lubrication or worn gears and bearings. Your differential is a valuable part of your car that you should let our qualified technicians repair.

    Electrical & Electronic Systems

    Your vehicle’s electrical and electronic systems can be responsible for a variety of its essential functions. When these systems fail, it can impact everything from lighting to engine ignition. It’s important to get these issues repaired right away by visiting a Grease Pro near you.

    Engine Diagnostics & Performance

    Your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics System monitors performance, alerting you to any problems through your Check Engine light. An engine diagnostic will decipher your on-board system’s data allowing for more efficient repairs. Don’t drive around with that check engine light any longer and let our team diagnose your vehicle.

    Four Wheel Drive System

    Routine maintenance is essential to the performance of your four wheel drive vehicle. Excessive noise while switching gears, unusual vibrations and a dashboard warning light are all signs that it’s time for an inspection. Our team of experts are very experienced with four wheel drive system repair.

    Nitrogen Inflation

    Nitrogen is a safe alternative to traditional air in tires. Nitrogen inflation has many benefits including maintaining correct tire pressure and levels to maximize gas mileage, while reducing your environmental impact. Say goodbye to rotten tires and hello to longer lasting tires by letting our technicians help you today.

    Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance is the easiest way to avoid costly repairs to your vehicle. We take your unique driving conditions, combined with vehicle manufacturer recommendations, to ensure efficient vehicle operations. You can trust any Grease Pro near you for all preventive maintenance your vehicle has.

    Preventative Maintenance by Mileage

    Preventive maintenance is crucial when it comes to getting the most out of your vehicle as parts wear out over time. By following manufacturer recommendations at timely intervals, you can keep your vehicle in top condition and avoid huge costly repairs.

    Starting, Charging & Batteries

    Slow-to-start engines and dim interior and exterior lighting are signs of a weak battery and problems with your vehicle’s starting and charging systems. These components are essential for an operational vehicle, so don’t waste any time and let our team of experts get your car’s battery up and running again.

    Steering & Suspension System

    Shaky or stiff steering and uneven tire wear are warning signs for steering and suspension problems. When you see these signs, ignoring them can lead to additional wear and damage with more costly repairs down the road. There’s no need to panic, your local Grease Pro is here to help your steering and suspension system.

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

    Proper tire pressure is necessary for your vehicle’s healthy operation. Damage to your TPMS can lead to a drop in tire pressure, creating unsafe driving conditions and decreased performance.

    Tire Services

    Tires are a crucial component in your vehicle’s operation. While proper tire maintenance is easy, it can often be overlooked, leading to unsafe conditions and costly repairs. Don’t get caught with a flat, and let our professionals take care of your tires.

    Wheel Alignment

    Often overlooked, regular wheel alignment can save you money over the life of your vehicle and encourage optimal performance. Ignoring this routine maintenance can lead to uneven wear on your tires and suspension system.

    Wheel Services

    From improved steering and handling to an enhanced appearance, a new set of wheels can make your vehicle feel brand new. Proper mounting and balancing of new wheels is crucial to their performance and longevity. Visit your nearest Grease Pro and let us take care of your wheels.

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